Vridh Sewa Sansthan


Any person is 60 years and above, Destitute, Helpless, Mentally and Physically Sick can be admitted on priority basis.

All the Services provided by us are free of cost.
  1. Adequate Bedding and Meals
  2. Medical Aid round the clock
  3. Well trained staff to care the people and give them soulful healing touch
  4. All services are free of cost
  5. Free Accomodation
  6. Free Meals
  7. Recreation Activities
  8. Final cremination: Facility of cremination of the decased who stayed at the ashram according to their religion.

We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We thus, encourage people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country.