Welcome to everyone in this Non-Government organization (NGO). This organization is non profitable and we are looking forward to the people having social motivation.

We are all impermanent in this Planet; we are just a visitor for few years. So, why don???t we do something remarkable before leaving this planet? Even a small effort will in the society for giving something better for future generation.

We came into this world with nothing in our hands and when we leave this planet we take nothing with us. So when we are here we must do something for the development of the society. Social work is the only way which can change big things. Everybody thinks about paradise as their destination but to reach there we have to do many good works and to be an ideal man, one need to work for the betterment of others.




To provide various medical services such as organising health and awareness camps of Immunisation, Eye Care, Motherhood, Child Care, and Communicable Diseases.


To provide study material, education facilities, library facilities and hostel facilities to poor or deserving students.


To provide emotional, psychological and social support to senior citizens of our society by setting up various drop-in centers, old-age homes and other entertainment centers.


We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We thus, encourage people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country.